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  • Durham Educational Article of the Month - WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A DEAD ANIMAL IN THE CHIMNEY



Having a dead animal inside a room can pose a serious concern talk more of having it inside the chimney. Chimney is a structure raised above the roof through which smoke or a steam is carried up away from the building. A chimney is mostly located at the top of the kitchen roof; and sometimes rats, squirrels, or mice may die in there due to a variety of causes we may not know and result to serious odor that can make the kitchen unfit for cooking. When something like that occurred in your Durham house and you are completely lost on what to do; we have here, how to go about getting rid of the dead animal’s odor from the chimney so that your kitchen can regain back its freedom.

Inspect the chimney and see if the dead carcass can be removed
Many a times a North Carolina rat or squirrel may die in-between metals inside the chimney, this situation will proof difficult to handle and removing the dead body may probably not be possible. However, the only thing you can do to know whether or not removing the dead body is possible is to inspect the chimney and see how the problem can be solved. Inspecting the chimney should be the first thing to do when there is a dead animal in there, this will give you clue on the next line of action.

Let the air out
This procedure can be done when there is no feasible solution to reach to the chimney and remove the dead carcass or when the animal died in-between metals of which removing it may not be possible. If there should be adequate ventilation in and out of the North Carolina area, the smell will quickly go away as the dead carcass gets decomposed and possibly be eaten by maggots. Air can play an important role in this situation; therefore, ensure adequate ventilation in the affected area as much as you can.

Use deodorants
Deodorant is a powerful remedy for unwanted smells and can play a big role when the chimney is in trouble with unpleasant smell. All you have to do is, get a very good deodorant and spray all over the affected Durham area. This will help subdue the odor and will make the area free from the unwanted odor.

It’s actually not common for animals to die inside the chimney, but anything is possible because animals of this generation tend to live as pest in the house. If you are faced with this kind of situation, do not border as the situation is just temporary but don’t hesitate to provide solutions where there is a way.

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