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  • Durham Educational Article of the Month - What diseases do raccoons carry?

What diseases do raccoons carry?

What diseases do raccoons carry?

Many people do not know that North Carolina raccoons carry a collection of different diseases. This is the reason why they are not allowed as pets in many states. If you come in close contact with a raccoon and you:

• Step on their feces barefoot
• Touch their feces or urine without protective clothing
• Bitten by a raccoon

Then you need to seek urgent medical assistance. There are different disease causes by raccoon feces, urine, and bites. Failure to seek instant medication could lead to coma, anemia, and in some cases insanity.

Raccoon round worm
Raccoons have worms and this is transmitted through the feces and urine. If you clean or step on them without any protective clothing, you shall have the eggs enter your body. Many people will start having negative reactions immediately, and some effects of these roundworms include Coma, lack of vision, lack of coordination, or loss of muscle control.

This is a disease, which is caused by Durham raccoons carrying the rabies virus. When it bites you, and it is infected, you shall have the virus in your body. You shall stumble as if you are drunk, have form coming out of your mouth, have violent behavior, and in some cases loss of consciousness. You need to report to a North Carolina medical center if a raccoon bites you even when it does not have the rabies virus.

This is a diseases, which is infectious and deadly. Some people will not know they have it until they go to seek medical advice. It is a bacterial infection, which is highly caused by the urine of Durham raccoons. When you step on it barefoot, or you touch it when cleaning the nest, or your porch, there are higher chances you shall have it. Some of the effects you may suffer include kidney failure, high fever, anemia, nausea, vomiting, meningitis, muscle ache, and diarrhea. One needs to seek medical advice immediately.

This is a disease caused by feces of raccoons. You are usually advised not to touch the feces especially when cleaning the nest. Some people leave their dustbins open, and they do not know they are touching the feces of rabies when cleaning. Some children play outdoors, and end up touching the feces in the garden or stepping on them. These feces have bacteria, and it shall infect the person who touches the feces without protective clothing. Some of the effects of this disease include fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

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