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  • Durham Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Squirrels Out Of the Attic

How to Get Squirrels Out Of the Attic

How to Get Squirrels Out Of the Attic

Getting Durham squirrels out of the attic is not really an easy assignment as it requires professional hand and ideas. More so, you must be cautious while dealing with squirrels in attic so as to avoid killing them inside your attic which will cause serious discomfort due to smell from their carcass. There are many types of repellents in the market which have proved effective for getting rid of squirrel in your North Carolina attic but blocking them from entering the attic or trapping them with live trap is still the best approach. So, the next time you find squirrels in your attic here are what you need to do.

Close Up Entire Spaces in the Attic That Are Big Enough To Enter Squirrel
Having several entrance and exit for squirrel in your Durham attic can be problematic and even make your effort to be in futility. For that reason, the first thing you need to do when you discover that you have squirrels in your attic is to close up the holes that are big enough to serve as either entrance or exit of squirrel. Check your chimney cap and cover it up or use a wire mesh to cover the chimney. Close the vent and ensure that you only open one hole to serve as the only exit point for North Carolina squirrel.

Use Ultrasound Machine or Radio to Create a Noise for the Squirrels in Your Attic
Squirrels will easily be scared away from your Durham attic when they begin to hear constant sound like human voice from radio or ultrasound machine making them unable to feel comfortable while in the attic. For that reason, they will look for the available means of exit to move away from the area with human noise. You can even prevent them from returning to your attic by placing a funnel made of wire mesh at the only exit hole in the attic. That will make them to move out of the attic without being able to return again.

Use Life Trap to Get Rid Of Squirrel in the Attic
You can make use of life trap to get rid of squirrels that have been causing damages in your attic. What you have to do is to ensure that you use case life trap with attractive bait that will easily lure them to get into the trap. The truth is that without making use of appetizing bait to lure squirrels they will not get near your trap. Some of the baits include peanut, apple slices, walnut and lots more.

Use a Flash Light in the Attic to Get Rid of Squirrels
Squirrels do not always like to stay in a place with sharp light. For that reason, you can scare them away from your attic when you put on the attic light or you bring in a sharp dazzling light to make them feel uncomfortable.

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